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      作者: 來源:   發布日期:2019-06-21 09:58:12


      Sponsored by the graduate department of Zhengzhou university and undertaken by the Business school, the 2019 graduate international summer school -- Business school branch will be held in the new campus Business school of Zhengzhou university on June 22, 2019 solstice July 4, 2019. By inviting well-known scholars at home and abroad to teach (English teach) academic frontier courses and professional basic courses, we can share high-quality teaching resources and build an international exchange platform for graduate students to consolidate professional foundation, improve research level and cultivate innovative ability.


      . Enrollment target and requirements


      Graduate students of our university and relevant majors of our university; Full-time undergraduate students in the third year who prepare for the first volunteer to apply for the master's degree of our Business school (students majoring in economic and management are ranked in the top 20% of the grade in key university, and in the top 10% of the grade in other university). As the whole course is taught in English, students are required to have a good command of English. In principle, undergraduate students are required to pass CET4 or above, and graduate students are required to pass CET6 or above, and have the ability to adapt to the English class.


      . Enrollment plan


      The summer school plans to enroll 100 students.


      . Teaching arrangement


      Students will register on the morning of June 21, 2019, attend the opening ceremony on the afternoon of June 22, finish their study and get the course completion certificate on July 4.


      Three experts from famous foreign universities and research institutions were invited to give lectures

      3.Course Introduction

      Prof. Runsheng Yin

      Department of Forestry, College of Agriculture & Natural Resources Michigan State University

      Teaching content:《Policy effect evaluation and research methods

      Professor UK Jung

      School of Business, Dongguk University, Seoul, Korea

      Teaching content:《operations management

      Professor Jong-Min Kim

      Statistics Department, University of Minnesota at Morris, USA

      Teaching content:《advanced statistics


      Ⅳ. Registration and admission


      Apply for registration

      聯系電話:0371-67780165contact phone number: 0371-67780165

      2. 報到地點:鄭州大學商學院研究生辦(204)

      registration place: graduate department room 204of Business school, Zhengzhou university


      V. Matters needing attention


       Students should bring their id CARDS and student id CARDS when registering.


       During the summer school, students are required to comply with the relevant regulations of the summer school.


       Students should be in good physical and mental health, and should be responsible for their own medical expenses and personal accidents.


      If the above students pass the examination, they will be awarded the certificate of completion of summer school, and the graduate students will get 2credits, which will offset the credits of related elective courses.


      For the first choice of undergraduate students who participate in summer schools, they will have the priority to enjoy full academic scholarship (the first academic year) in the unified enrollment, and will get a one-time reward of 5,000 yuan.


      Welcome the majority of undergraduate students, graduate students, doctoral students to actively sign up for this summer school!


      Graduate school of Zhengzhou university


      Business school of Zhengzhou university


      June 21, 2019